Insulting Britain. Prolonged disruption

mysteriously allowed by the authorities



Insulting Britain‘ and climate appeasement - notes from September 2021


Not one but three days of organised mayhem on the M25, with knock-on effects being felt for miles. A freelancing contact reports suffering hours of delays and loss of earnings.


We can be appalled at the reports on how long it took to clear the junctions blocked by protesters – four hours in one case. Some were just let go, even though they vowed to be back to cause more disruption, with some then gluing themselves to the road.


Little is known about the protest organisers, Insulate Britain (IB); although they sound like a trade body, they are an offshoot of Extinction Rebellion (XR), whose supporters caused damage to buildings, and blocked roads and rail in London in 2019




CRIME PAYS: XR showed that crime pays - disruption rewarded with a ministerial meeting for eco-agitators and  setting up a ‘Citizen Assembly’ to talk up ‘Climate Change’. (Only one protester known to be convicted?)


Policing Minister Kit Malthouse (left) just asked eco-agitators nicely in August.




Streatham-based IB don’t give much away about themselves, but do seem to model themselves on an American group, ironically named the Freedom Riders, whose ‘non-violent’ action is shown above.



XR and IB’s protests would seem to constitute a breach of the Terrorism Acts 2000 & 2006 – as they are aimed at influencing the government (also potentially to intimidate a section of the public), and create a serious risk to public safety or health. The assets of a ‘terror’ group could be seized. As the action was carefully planned, some felt that the organisers should have been prosecuted for criminal conspiracy


You might ask your MP, if Lab, why they are not holding the current government to account over legal obligations passed by a Labour government?  Or, if Con, why the government is not delivering ‘law and order’?  The obstructions already breach the Highways Act 1980 and Road Traffic Act 1988.


Hertfordshire Police amazingly defended the decision not to charge the eco-protesters claiming they still needed time to 'gather evidence and build a case' despite arresting dozens of them in the middle of the M25.


On 25 Aug, Malthouse actually tweeted a nice request for XR “to go back to their homes”  and “let cops fight crime”. He just doesn’t get it – eco-agitators are there to commit crime until what they see as a weak government gives in.


Pious bleating from politicians is not enough. If not nipped in the bud, the protests will only get worse as November’s COP26 ‘green coven’ approaches.


There is a strange sub-plot: Patel talked up a new Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill with draconian powers on protests that are currently within the law. And, if existing laws are good enough to cover protests that threaten damage or disorder – they should have been used properly! 


The only silver lining is that the public are angry and drivers are angry. It’s worth us all making the effort to keep up the pressure on politicians. So long as the climate hooligans won’t go away, neither will the backlash – there will be opportunities for us to harness it in the wider interest of drivers.



After these notes were compiled, some protesters eventually got jail sentences for breaching injunctions. But the first set of injunctions were mysteriously leaky, for instance only covering certain roads – to which the climate bullies just responded by blocking other roads not covered. I was amazed to read this:


What are the loopholes?   

It is only in place for the M25, meaning protesters could get around it by taking their disruptive actions to a different road.


Last week the group targeted the A3 and the A10 in Hertfordshire.


Why did the Government not apply for a nationwide injunction?

The Government did not use a nationwide injunction as this would have been seen to be disproportionate and would have risked causing harm to the right to protest. The narrow injunction means the Government will have to follow the eco-activists across the UK if they wish to apply more injunctions against them.



What about the rights of the public, who pay several times over to use the roads? Around 20 days of needless disruption were noted in the national press.


The policing costs alone were estimated at £2 million – money that could have been spent on public services that people badly need, or used to keep tax/NI rises down.



ABD is not taking disruption to our lives lying down, whether

from climate bullies or from anti-motorist public authorities.

Please help spread the word and - better still - actively support us.


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