Justice for over-taxed motorists

 The poison of public policy (left) and the antidote  – ABD has a full range of established policies in The Motorists’ Charter and A Fair Deal for the Motorist (a set of proposals to the Downing St Policy Unit)





There will be GLA and London Mayoral elections in May 2024 and a General Election by Jan 2025.


ABD London is consulting on a set of updated policies. There is a one page easy read summary and a more detailed set of policies (nine pages).


Any feedback on these drafts and further suggestions would be appreciated, please. Contact details below.





The proposals support the following principles


·        Facilitating liberty, not restricting it

·        Facilitating the economy and productivity of individuals ..... so traffic management policies should aim to make the traffic flow and measures that jam it up should be discouraged

·        The primary purpose of the road should be to maximise the throughput of vehicle traffic and passengers

·        Pedestrians belong on the pavement. Dividing up the roads to create exclusive space for a minority of users is both unfair and inefficient

·        Where traffic has negative features such as noise and pollution, policy objectives should be focused on encouraging new technologies to overcome the negatives not on reducing the traffic because doing the latter also removes the benefits

·        Developing policies and sanctions should be based on evidence not dogma

·        Prematurely scrapping perfectly good ICE (internal combustion engine) vehicles is not environmentally friendly.





The Alliance of British Drivers opposes hyped measures that

steal road space from drivers who have paid for it.


Please help spread the word and - better still - actively

support us in getting a fairer deal for drivers.

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