Save Hammersmith and Fulham from

its posturing anti-car council


Bus lane lunacy at King Street, W6 – H&F Council imposed

an under-used cycle lane, now traffic (including other buses)

just piles up behind a bus with no means of overtaking.


Stop ruining the borough with insane traffic schemes

Why Hammersmith & Fulham Council must listen to residents





Elected in 2014 with noises about being ‘fairer to drivers’, the Hammersmith & Fulham (H&F) Council administration has done precisely the opposite.


·        After a highly propagandistic and probably illegal consultation, imposed 20mph speed limits on practically all the borough roads. Despite promises of the limits being ‘signed only’, they are being enforced by speed cameras in at least 4 locations.


Article on one local resident blog exposing the hype.

20 mph limits exposed.


·        H&F Council sneakily used lockdown to double some local parking charges. After it became an embarrassing election issue in 2022, the Council Leader backpedalled a bit. However, by introducing complicated ‘environmental’ parking charges, various rates will be higher than pre-pandemic. This was spun as ‘decreasing charges’ and ‘helping residents with the cost of living’ (with no comments allowed on the article). This lunacy fails to take into account that a parked car with the engine turned off has zero emissions!!!




·        H&F Council has imposed two very unpopular Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs) in South Fulham – over 10,000 people have signed a petition against this waste of space. Approximately 100 shops and businesses in the South Fulham area sent signed  testimonials to the council concerning the drop in business that they are experiencing as a result of the cameras.


For more information on the ‘TCPR West’ disaster, click here.

Sign the petition against it and get your friends to do the same.

Read the Spectator article on it by a local resident

Why not become a supporter of The Traffic Camera Consulting Group – the local residents’ group calling for sanity – today? It’s free.



·        Working with Mayor Sadiq Khan and Transport for London (TfL), H&F Council is pushing a project that threatens to lower speed limits on Wandsworth Bridge Road to a mind-numbing 10mph or even 5mph! Traffic already crawls as a result of H&F Council’s ‘improvements’.




·        Worse still, in 2023, H&F Council wants to cover the entire borough with LTNs – only it knows that the idea is ‘not supported by residents’ (Council report, p44), so they first referred to them as ‘TCPRs’ before using the disingenuous ‘Clean Air Neighbourhoods’.   









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