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Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs) are just one of the latest weapons in the war against the motorist.


Local authorities have imposed and kept them in the face of massive public opposition. Some petitions against them have been supported by 10,000+ people, but ignored.

Massive fine revenue has been generated in some places (e.g. LB Lambeth).



Some authorities know they’re unpopular, so call them by disingenuous, palliative names like ‘quieter neighbourhoods’, ‘liveable neighbourhoods’ and ‘clean air neighbourhoods’. In reality, they stop traffic taking short cuts and concentrate it onto main roads, making drivers burn more fuel increasing emission and congestion.


The loud public backlash in places like LB Ealing has seen some LTNs withdrawn. Other authorities like LB Wandsworth, Harrow and Tower Hamlets have seen voters kick out the council responsible!


Apart from turning the screw on drivers, by making our journeys longer and more unpleasant, LTNs may have a more sinister purpose. Less surveillance cameras might be needed to enforce road pricing (should any Mayor or council be daft enough to impose it.) 


They are part of Mayor Khan’s drive to force 27% of vehicles off the road by 2030, with ‘saving the planet’ being a pious excuse to ‘justify’ this draconian measure.


Some councils have rolled back LTNs after resident pressure. With others, regime change might not be possible short term, but a radical London Mayor could in theory update their Transport Strategy to force certain councils to see sense. Otherwise central government has powers to legislate for local democracy – planning bill proposals have even considered localised referendums for more basic matters such as planning permission for home improvements?




Part of the fines map (2022). At least 8 London boroughs have raked in fine income of over £1 million.





The Alliance of British Drivers opposes hyped measures that

steal road space from drivers who have paid for it.


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